Microblading is a procedure that can fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill-in over plucked eyebrows. Those who want just a slight change to their arches are also good candidates. The results are natural looking, fuller eyebrows that last any- where from 18-36 months. Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is manually deposited under the top layer of skin with a special pen instead of a machine. The Mi­croblading Technique involves drawing individual crisp hair strokes that are more natural looking than the traditional per­manent makeup  eyebrow. This  technique has been around for years in areas such as Asia, Russia ,and Europea. It has only become popular  in the Western  Hemisphere  in the past couple of years. The Microblading  service consists of two procedures. The initial  procedure takes about 2 1/2 hours. The longest part being the mapping and measuring of your eyebrows. This is to ensure that the brow we design for you  is suited to your face. A second procedure  is done 30 days later once the brows are completely  healed.

  • Microblading

    • $499

    Microblading is creating 3D hair like strokes using microfine needles.

  • Eye Liner

    • $550
  • Ombre Powder Brows

    • $545

    Ombré Powdered Brows is the newest shading technique. It is 100% customizable and is great for anyone who wants a more bold and powder brow effect look.

  • Combination Brow

    • $595

    Combining Microblading technique is creating 3D hair like strokes.

    Micro + Shading is the perfect combination of both Powdered brows and 3D hair-like strokes.


  • Lip Liner

    • $350
  • Full Lip Color

    • $545

    If you love the look of a fuller lash line, but lack the necessary steady hand, this is for you. darkened top lash-line or add and cat eye winged that stays on through sweat, sleep, and showers.

  • Top Liner

    • $350
  • Top and Bottom Liner

    • $450
  • Winged Cat-eye Top and Bottom Liner

    • $495

Eyelash Extensions

Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions are natural looking, synthetic eyelashes Meticulously applied one by one to each individual natural lash. Attaching up to 350 lashes per eye in a very gentle, safe and health manner. Nothing frames the eyes more beautifully than long fluttery eyelashes. These sets are perfect for weddings and formal occasions.  Never compromising the integrity of the guest's lashes, we use only the highest quality adhesive and silk, synthetic and genuine mink lashes to create the most beautiful and most natural feeling lashes. A focus on sanitation and hygiene is something that makes us   different -All tools used are cleaned, sanitized and autoclave after each use. Only Medical grade adhesive, manufactured to meet FDA guidelines and is used in the application
  • Russian Volume Set

    (3d fan apply one by one= 3'x the volume) 2-3 hrs. Multiple  lash  extensions

    (3d-6d with  multiple  0.7mm  lashes) on-the-spot  into a fan then adhered to ONE natural  lash. If you have 100 natural lashes, you  can  now  have double, triple, or up to quadruple the  amount  of  eyelash  extensions.

    3D Volume  lashes consist of applying multiple lash extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape. The extensions used are lighter and thinner than the typical eyelash extensions to provide a comfortable, fuller, and EXTRA dramatic look.There are approximately 300-400 eyelashes applied to each eye. These are NOT clusters Russian Volume

  • Russian Volume Lash Set

    • $275
  • 0-1 Week Fill

    • $60
  • 2-3 Weeks Russian Volume Fill

    • $75
  • 3-4 Weeks Russian Volume Fill

    • $95
  • After 4 Weeks: Full Set Price

  • Classic Set

    The Classic style is accomplished by applying lash extensions to ONE natural lash. If you have 100 natural lashes, One will only be able to apply 100 lash extensions using the Classic technique. This is why this style is not recommended for those with thin/few natural lashes

  • Introductory Special

    • $150

    Classic lash extensions for all new clients

  • Classic one by one Full Set

    • $195
  • 0-1 Week Classic Fill

    • $45
  • 2-3 Weeks Classic Fill

    • $60
  • Hybrid Lash Set

  • Hybrid Lash Full Set

    • $225
  • 0-1 Week Hybrid Lash Fill

    • $55
  • 2-3 Weeks Hybrid Lash Fill

    • $70

Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint

The Elleebana Lash Lift is a great alternative to extensions! You can ditch the lash curler and mascara. For this service we use a silicone rod over your eyelid and gently wrap your lashes up around the rod with a formaldehyde-free adhesive. The result is a semi-permanent, sumptuously curled lash lift that is retained even after a shower or swimming, lasting anywhere from 8 weeks. Prior to your appointment, we recommend being mascara free for at least 24 hrs. You are also to avoid water & strong makeup removers post lift for 24 hrs.
  • Lash Lift

  • Lash Lift

    • $65
  • Lash Lift & Tint

    • $95
  • Lash Tint

    • $35
  • Brow Tint & Wax

    • $35
  • Brow Tint

    • $25
  • Waxing

  • Brows

    • $15
  • Lips

    • $10
  • Sideburns

    • $15+
  • Chin

    • $15+
  • Full Face

    • $50

Brow Perfect Extensions

3D Brow Sculpting & Eyebrow Extensions Similar to eyelash extensions, silk and mink individual hair is placed onto the eyebrows to create a fuller, thicker eyebrow.. The extensions come in various colors such as brown, black, blonde and auburn. Eyebrow Extensions are perfect for bald patches on the brow caused by scar tissue or thinner patchy brows due to over plucking. Eyebrow Extensions are water resistant and can last up to 14 days. They do require a bit more maintenance than eyelash extensions.
  • Eyebrow Extensions & Wax / Shaping

    • $185
  • 2 Weeks Fill In

    • $65
  • 3 Weeks Fill In

    • $75
  • End of Brow

    • $55